Looking a Little Closer

A lot of times I pick up my camera and go out to find “that shot”, and come back disappointed. Typical me, I go out and see the common everyday stuff, and just see it for what it is… a tree, scrap metal, junk, etc…. But, today I determined to go out and look a little closer to see what textures and designs I may find on all these everyday things that surround my own home. After ignoring the left side of my brain I focused in more and saw the light hitting textures in a certain way. I saw how metal sheets rusted causing new texture and color, all the while the sheets stacked oddly creating a geometric design. I walked outside thinking, “Well lets just see what I can find”, and came back in thinking, “That was pretty cool.” I’m going to head back out to my own yard later when the sun goes down some and casts the shadows differently. Those same objects can create completely different pictures with the change of light and shadow creating dramatic affects. Here is one of today’s photographs:

Rusted Geometry

Rusted Geometry marked

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